About Me

“When was the last time you were touched by a moment that you wanted to keep forever?”

Vera Bardo

“A good photograph is as valuable as a good painting.”

Welcome. I am an international portrait photographer based in London, UK. I have travelled extensively around the world, undertaking photoshoots for both individual clients and corporate photographic needs. I have produced and supplied images to clients including Forbes, B4 Magazine, and several wedding magazines.

My images have also been used by BBC TV Journalists, barristers & solicitors, doctors, professional athletes, musicians and a range of political and spiritual figures including the Dalai Lama and Sir John Madejski. I am also an active member of the Royal Photographic Society. My studio is based in Central London. My work is about visualisation, creativity, constructing and producing photographs. I produce unique photos by combining my vision as an artistic photographer with the magic of a certain moment.

“The role of the photographer is to capture that special moment,
to pay attention to it and understand its meaning.”

The role of the photographer is to deliver this in an image.
My photos can move you to feel compassion, joy, and so much more…
I can capture your essence and create for you an everlasting memory.
I wish to understand your desires, your hopes and your fears.
I find and empathise with your character and portray the best aspects of you. I seek to tap into your soul.

“We don’t remember days, we remember moments.”

I have learnt to rely on my own instinct with my subjects rather than follow a format devised by anyone else.
I developed this trait while I was studying photography and improving my language skills in the UK.
I learnt to understand people by observing their faces, gestures and body language.
I have been taught by some of the masters of my industry.

“Hold a moment, record something so completely, that all who see will
relive an equivalent of what has been expressed.”

When I came to the UK to go Art College, I spent the year before my course learning traditional photography using different format cameras and developing photos in a dark room. To get to grips with my craft, I spent this year locked in my darkroom, developing and printing in the traditional, classic tradition to fully understand each delicate stage of photography.

“My job is to show your best features and your personality in the photo.”

I am an innovative classicist; my medium is traditional film photography.
I work speedily, with meticulous preparation and planning.
This helps me to be free and to encapsulate the spirit and spontaneity of your precious moments.

Come, walk with me through my site, and let me know how I can help you!
Your memory may fail you but a picture will not.

Your Photographer Vera Bardo